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Databound Custom Control Example

This example explains how to create a custom control (customdatapicker). This custom control is based on the jQuery Datapicker control.

See interactive example on

Creation of a custom control requires the following steps:

1. Create a template for the custom control and save it in the template folder under the name of custom control type + extension ".htm". In this example the template file is named "customdatapicker.htm", because custom control type is "customdatapicker".
  • Use the moustache syntax to refer to the model properties.
  • Apply redui-onchangeupdatesdata class to indicate that the element updates the binding context.


<div id="{{id}}_template" class="redui-customdatapicker-outer redui-valid{{#model.cssClass}} {{model.cssClass}}{{/model.cssClass}}{{#model.isHidden}} redui-hidden{{/model.isHidden}}">
  {{#model.label}}<label for="{{id}}" class="redui-customdatapicker-label">
    <span>{{#_localize}}{{model.label}}{{/_localize}}: {{#model.isRequired}}*{{/model.isRequired}}</span>
  <input id="{{id}}" name="{{name}}" data-name="{{name}}" class="redui-customdatapicker redui-focusable" type="text" />
  <div id="{{id}}_validationerrorbox" class="redui-validation-errorbox"></div>

2. Declare the custom control in the model. Use "custom" as a "type" property value, and specify the custom control type as a "customType" property value. In this example custom type is "customdatapicker" (As mentioned before, should match the template).

UI Model

    "windows": [
            "name": "CustomControlExample",
            "title": "Custom Control Example",
            "left": 500,
            "top": 100,
            "width": 400,
            "height": 300,
            "controls": [
                    "name": "customControl",
                    "type": "custom",
                    "customType": "customdatapicker",
                    "label": "Date",
                    "bindsTo": "selectedDate",
                    "isRequired": true
                    "name": "OKButton",
                    "type": "button",
                    "text": "OK",
                    "isDialogButton": true,
                    "dialogResult": "OK"
                    "name": "CancelButton",
                    "type": "button",
                    "text": "Cancel",
                    "isDialogButton": true,
                    "dialogResult": "Cancel"

3. Define a handler for the data binding as a property of a redui.customControlHandlers object. The handler name should match the custom type. In this example handler name is "customdatapicker". Handler should be an object with 2 methods: "bind" and "getValue".
  • Implement "getValue(control: ICustomControl): any" method on the handler.
  • Implement "setValue(control: ICustomControl, value: any): void" method on the handler.
  • Implement "activate(control: ICustomControl): void" method on the handler.

Data Model

var data = {
    selectedDate: "01/15/2014"


redui.customControlHandlers.customdatapicker = {
	getValue: function (control) {
		return control.getElement().val();
	setValue: function (control, value) {
	activate: function (control) {

var exampleWindow = redui.createNewWindow("CustomControlExample");

exampleWindow.closed(function (target, dialogResult) {
	if (dialogResult === "OK") {
		alert("Model data: " + JSON.stringify(data));


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