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StaticText Control



type: string - type of the control. Use "statictext" to declare a StaticText control.

name?: string (optional) - name of the control. In javascript code, a child control is accessible from its parent control by name. In HTML, the value is put into the name attribute of the element.

cssClass?: string (optional) - custom CSS class that will be applied to the control's outer element.

isHidden?: boolean (optional) - allows to declare control as hidden.

bindsTo?: string (optional) - path of the property that the control will be databound to.

text?: string (optional) - text that has to be shown (when not databound). When databound, text is replaced with the value of the data object property specified by bindsTo.


	"name": "generalInfoStaticText",
	"type": "statictext",
	"text": "General Info"



model: IControlModel - reference to the model.

id: string - control id. Returns value of the id attribute of the element.

type: string - type of the control.

name: string - name of the control.

parent: IControl - reference to the parent control.

window: IWindow - reference to the window that owns the control.

bindingContext: any - reference to the object that the control is bound to.

getElement(): JQuery - returns the HTML element that represents the control.

bind(dataObject: any): void - binds the control to the data model.

StaticText Control Example


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